with HEADS TALKING, giving the CONFIDENCE and styles you need walking with the FASHIONABLE/POPULAR character you desire and all while saving you TIME AND MONEY!

Jonice Johnson, a New York City based WIG MAKER specializing in glueless wigs servicing women of all ages, cultures, and lifestyles, has captured the everyday millennial women as well as the business entrepreneurs and those stepping into the celebrity world with her trendy, fashion- able, WIGS, custom made to fit hairstyles. There is no question this is headed to topping the charts, or the HALL OF FAME for its mass appeal!

 Jonice is certified with more than ten years of experience. Each wig expressing her love and pas- sion for ones benefit. Her educational knowledge and understanding the beauty, and creativity of hairstyles as it relates to women’s needs, gave her the opportunity to produce what is healthy, beautiful, stylish, natural looking and affordable. The WIGS are 100% human virgin hair in various textures, including straight, deep and body wave. Wigs are custom to your head size and all clients are educated on the proper care and tips for longevity.

Jonice encourages every Woman to own a WIG!. Jonice is a fashion icon herself who not only promotes her products but wears them proudly. Realizing that today’s world basically requires this product to be a part of every woman’s wardrobe, Jonice highlights for your knowledge some of the many reasons a WIG is needed, concealing natural hair issues, hair loss, convenient situa- tions (bad hair days for the busy lives and hectic schedules), the full time students, the ability of so many looks without a commitment or lots time and money. You can be EVERY WOMAN, wear it long, short, straight, curly and more. Be that elegant, classy Lady on Sunday morning and that cute sassy, fashionable sport girl Sunday afternoon. It gives you flexibility in minutes!

Jonice’s love and commitment to her passion of creating custom WIGS has enabled her to deliver quality with emphasis on the customers desired look. She is rapidly building client relationships who are soo happy, there is a repeat and referral business. The highlights of her hard work and dedication is the delighted customers receiving styles alligned with their diverse preferences from edgy trend-making looks to fresh, updated reinterpretations of classic hairstyles.

Jonice will make and get you the STYLES while you SMILE!